Behind The Incident

Behind The Incident – Episode 8 : Heather Mahalik

I finally got to meet and interview the spunky and smart Heather Mahalik. She has been someone that I look up too often. Yes, Sarah Edwards, I look up to everyone. She is by definition a lethal forensicator. She did DFIR in environments most of us will never dream of seeing. She has been in the field of DFIR since 2002. She is a Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite and also has her own blog. She is also a Senior Instructor at SANS Institute teaching the course she authored FOR 585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth.

She is known for many things but in my mind seeing her drag the body of her husband to create health data with Sarah Edwards will forever stick in my mind. In this episode, she shares new developments of iOS 13 and her love for mobile forensics. I wish I could share the off the air video but that was just too funny.

Behind The Incident Heather Mahalik

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