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The story of a Patient

I am sitting here at a loss for words. There are simply too many thoughts going around in my head. Yes, most of them are nerves. You see tomorrow I will wake up, and head to hospital.

Tomorrow, January the 14th I will have my old leads removed, and my whole pacemaker system will be removed. This is a fairly routine surgery I am told. Being a Forensic Scientist and Infosec Enthusiast I like to understand the technology that keeps me alive. Now if you think of it this little computer with electronic leads can sense when my heart is not beating the way it should and intervene. It can record events which take place. This data is accessed every six months. But knowing all this does not take away from me being scared and unsure. 15 years ago I received my first Medtronic Pacemaker and she served me well. I had two wonderful daughters and learns a lot from this device after it was explanted. Then I was given another device Upgrade 2.0 of sorts. This cued the longest most trying time thus far in my life.

You see the pacemaker and myself we did not work as well together. It seemed that no matter what we did the friendship just did not work. After three years I am getting my third device. Now some of you wonder how does this all work. I am not a medical practitioner. What I know from experience is that, they will remove the pacemaker, the will then use a tool which will guide over the pacemaker leads to dislodge them and remove the old 15 year old leads (it is amazing how long these things last). They will then place fresh new leads and connect the new device. I will spend some time in hospital and come out ready to face the world.

The purpose of this blog was to show people that the tech is amazing, it was designed to save and extend life. Yes it has some ways to go in terms of security. I look back and get scared thinking that without this technology at the age of 19 my life could have been over. We all face challenges and obstacles but it is all about how many times we get up and keep fighting. I will write a follow up after the surgery and once I am settled back home.

P.S on the up side I get to add another Medtronic device to my own collection. 🙂

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