Behind The Incident

Behind The Incident – Episode 5 : Eric Zimmerman

This was definitely a bucket-list interview. Eric Zimmerman is a SANS instructor that is very well known for his work in the DFIR field. He is also the master tool creator. I got to speak to him via DM regarding a very new course run currently by SANS namely FOR 498 which is Battlefield Forensics. This is a triage and imaging class for those who need results fast and cannot wait for a process bar to finish. Eric tells us more about his tool Kape and other Open Source tools he has offered to the community for free. Not only is KAPE easy to use it is versatile and you can add your own maps to it. I recently worked a couple of Triage tools and Kape has changed the way I do triage. You can find the Eric Zimmerman tools at the following link:! You should also check out FOR 498 which is now available On-Demand –

Behind The Incident Eric Zimmerman

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